Quick Loans and Credits in OK Money without payroll € 300

Loans and Credits in OK Money Solocitar Online

OK Money is the company based in Spain and is under the sponsorship of DFC Global Corp, a leader in the consumer credit market worldwide. Like many similar companies, OK Money has positioned itself as a quick assistance in solving financial problems. You will be able to get the necessary amount, and without getting out of bed, since the loan application you only need a computer connected to the Internet.


The site also has a handy calculator and a form that can be calculated independently the amount of fees before applying. You only have to specify the desired amount, and if you are lucky and you are pre-approved, you can get the money on your card in fifteen minutes. If you have unexpected expenses, in this case OK Money makes it easy for you. Just take your credit online from one hundred euros and, after making the refund and ask for later loans, up to 600 euros. If it is your first time requesting money in OK Money, the maximum amount you can take out is € 300.

Quick Loans and Credits in OK Money without payroll € 300

The duration of the loan repayment period takes 14 to 30 days. As usual, you should know that under normal repayment you will not have to pay the extra commission, so it is best not to withhold the payment again.


It does not matter what you want to do with that money – to fix the fridge, buy a new dress, a necklace to give – you have to understand that unexpected expenses always happen. Accepting money can be a great help in these cases when there is no time to wait for the salary. You have to trust the company, as did more than a million customers around the world.


Depending on your personal loan or a quick loan, as well as your personal circumstances, you can even request an extension of your maturity in two, three or four weeks after the appointed time, it can be done in your personal account on the site. The company is very loyal to its customers. However, it must be remembered that the money will arrive in your account only after consulting with your issuing bank of the card. That is, this process can take two to three days.


Remember that in case of late payment you have to pay considerable percentage. These costs include expenses for each SMS reminder from the OK Money company that has been lost. The company also has the right to increase the percentage of delay according to its rate.


The amount of delay is approximately 7% of the outstanding amount of your loan, where it will be taken from 10 to 50 euros. Interest will accrue on the seventh, twenty-fifth and fifty-fifth day of the loan’s maturity.


So, what do you need to make your dream come true, or simply to take advantage of the company’s loans for your immediate needs?


First, you have to be 18 to 65 years old. You are a resident of Spain with your current ID or NIE. Your monthly income is not less than five hundred euros. It has a personal debit card and mobile phone. You should not be on the list of common debtors and databases and you do not have to have another valid credit OK Money.